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Hi! I’m Ada — a freelance illustrator, designer, and true color enthusiast, occasional muralist and workshop leader.

Originally from the north of Poland, currently living and working in the beautiful Oslo.

What I do

My design background comes from working with branding and animation. Because of that, I see each project as a connected system.

I love creating sets of illustrations, crafting unique worlds with peculiar characters, strong color palettes, and unique visual languages. Through these elements, I convey emotions and tell stories.


I love working with texts and illustrating narratives. Be it a written story, an animation plot, or information that needs to be conveyed –– I enjoy the challenge of bringing words to life visually.


I do like to think about illustration strategically and choose my tools and techniques wisely.

I’m often told that I have some sort of visual seventh sense: a special ease in creating visual language that is right for the audience and tailored to the purpose of the project.


I love drawing, cutting and painting, and throughout the years I have experimented in almost any image-making technics.

When working on a new project I like to pick a visual style that vibes with the subject, and I love transferring the tactile experience of paper and traditional tools to the digital world.

Curious about my work?

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