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Hi! I’m Ada — a freelance illustrator & designer, a true color enthusiast, occasional muralist and workshop leader.

Originally from the north of Poland, currently living and working in the beautiful Oslo.

What I do

My design background comes from working with identity design and animation, and probably for this reason, I like to see illustration not just as a standalone element, but as an important component of a larger system.

I find great joy in working on sets of illustrations, creating unique worlds populated with peculiar characters, filled with emotion, atmosphere and colors.


Ever since I can remember, I have loved books, texts, and play of words. Working with stories is what gives me the biggest goosebumps.

Whether it’s a written narrative, an animation storyline, or textual information that needs to be explained visually, I love translating words into images and enhancing texts with contexts and feelings.


I like to choose my tools wisely.

Delving deeper into a project’s strategy helps me choose the illustration technique that works best for a given project.

I was once told that I have some sort of a visual sixth sense: a special ease in creating a visual language that is just right, and I find this compliment very true (and extremely flattering).


I love to draw, cut and paint, and over the years I have experimented in almost every technique of image making.

I am obsessed with paper in all forms, touching materials, playing with colors, getting my hands dirty is what makes my soul sing and my office chair dance.

When working on a new project, I like to choose a visual style that best fits the subject matter. And whenever a project allows it, I love to transfer this paper tactility into the digital world.

Curious about my work?

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