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Together with a group of activists and architects, I volunteered for a project aimed at creating a revitalization concept for one of Warsaw’s courtyards. In a project called Szkoła Nauk Praktycznych School of Practical Science (PL) our team, guided by Iza Rutkowska and Paweł Jaworski, learned through practical experience how to carry out the process of integrating and mobilizing the inhabitants of the yard. The project lasted for over a year and included opening a meeting point for the community, organizing several events and activities, conducting workshops and consultations, and designing a new architectural project for the space.

My role

In addition to working with the community, I was responsible for creating all the graphic materials for our activities. During the course of the project we organized two exhibitions, for which I designed posters and a map. I also created all the visual materials we used to promote the project in the participatory budget vote, which we successfully won!