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From small til huge. I can do it all. Whether you need an icon set, illustration system, book design or a picture for your walls, I can find a way to make it real.

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Meet & map the goal

Whether we meet for a coffee or have a video call, I always like to have a meeting when we can simply can have a short chat about the project first.
I like to hear more about you/your company, your project and my potential role in it. Getting to know about the project scope, timeframe, target group and budget.

What I like to ask about

Every project is different, and requires a different approach. The usual set of details I like to collect before I start is:

Basics: what, where and how you imagine it to be

Objectives: projects goal and target group

Limitations: format, timeframe

Subtle thoughts: emotional charge, associations, adjectives that come to your mind, colors & the visual style

Budget: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Pricing and

I prefer to work on the fixed project rate as I think the creative process is not so obvious to measure in hours.
The price of the project depends on its scope, deadline and your budget. Knowing all the objectives allow me to choose the technic and tools that are adequate to price we agree on.
After we have all the formalities are in place, the fun part begins.

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Feedback rounds

I typically offer two rounds of feedback, although this can be adjusted based on the complexity of the assignment, the budget, and your specific requirements.

Final delivery

The project leaves my desk starts the life on its own. Time to celebrate!

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